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About Us

Painters Brisbane Premium Painting and Plastering: Transforming your home by painting and plastering. It's all about the transformation.

Our Story

Why does Painters Brisbane Premium Painting and Plastering work so hard to perfect painting and plastering skills?

It’s all about the transformation.

It only took about 30 years to realise why we are so driven to perfect our painting and plastering skills.

Whilst transformational, painting and plastering are generally perceived as low skill professions. Why have we stuck with it for so long? It may sound corny…

We love transforming your home.

We are driven by values

Just like you, we appreciate when we receive value beyond our expectations. Premium Painting and Plastering is building a reputation for delivering beyond expectations.

Super Efficient

We get in and get the job done so you can get on with enjoying the transformation.

Deeply Commited

Professionalism is a core value that we are deeply committed to proudly displaying at each and every job.

Highly Skilled

We have been perfecting our skills for 30 years. We know what the job needs and how to deliver beyond your expectations.

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