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Patch and Paint Services

If you are a house-proud property owner, you will no doubt have invested significant time and money in finding or creating the home of your dreams.

Over time, however, repairs become necessary due to wear and tear or accidental damage.

For example:

  • Your learner driver accidentally goes too far when parking the car, and has dented the gyprock in the garage.
  • A door stopper wasn’t replaced after some renovations – and now the door handle has smashed into the wall.
  • A leak in an upstairs bathroom has caused a small area of ceiling damage.

Or perhaps you have a gorgeous old Queenslander with character features like ceiling roses and plaster molding which have become chipped or damaged over time; or has suffered some water damage, like the wall below.

In all of these cases, you’ll be looking for an expert to provide patch and paint services. With a dual license in painting and plastering and over 30 years of experience, we can repair your interior wall or ceiling so that there’s not even a hint of a previous problem.

When accidents happen…

Our patch and paint services are also in demand with tenants wanting to protect their rental bond. If you are in a rental property, it’s a comfort to know that we can repair damage to internal walls or surface areas so that it’s undetectable to even the most picky of landlords or property managers!

Depending on the size of the damage, a simple patch and paint may be enough. On occasion, however, a section of the ceiling or wall may need to be replaced and expertly plastered in order to blend in seamlessly. As interior painting specialists, we skillfully match the colours of the surrounding wall to the repaired section – saving you time and money as the entire room doesn’t need to be repainted.

Over the years, numerous satisfied clients have commented on the quality of our work as you will see from our reviews.

Professional Patch and Paint

Is there a section of your home that looks drab, worn, or damaged? Have you been putting off repairs to small areas of your kitchen, hallway, or bathroom? Attending to these internal spaces will transform the vibe and value of your entire home.

Contact us for a quote for your patch and paint job today.

Will was fantastic, after damaging a wall while moving and only 24 hours prior to handover, he arrived in 2 hours and patched and painted the wall like it was brand new. Great service and value, highly recommended.

Sharlene B, Bulimba

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