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Drywall Repair – Camp Hill

Drywall repair, Before and After

Sometimes bad things happen to walls.

Removalist accident in Camp Hill.

We received a call from a frantic tenant – they were in the process of moving and had hired removalists to make things easier.

Unfortunately in the process, one of the movers tripped, fell backwards, and fell against the wall with his box.

Fortunately the removalist wasn’t hurt. The same couldn’t be said for the wall.

Understandably the tenant couldn’t leave the room in this state, and called us.

We were able to squeeze the job in to our schedule, and quickly got to work. It was important first to cover the surrounding areas, ensuring we didn’t leave a trace of our having been there.

Because of the size of the holes, a simple drywall patch just wasn’t going to work. Instead, large sections of drywall needed to be replaced and supported. Those new sections then needed to be blended into the rest of the wall, and repainted.

Repainting then also meant matching the paint colours of the surrounding walls, to avoid having to repaint the entire room.

As a result, the tenant received their entire bond back.

Repaired and painted – no trace of the damage can be seen.

We sincerely hope this sort of accident doesn’t happen the next time you move. But if it does, remember we are here to help.

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Drywall Repair – Camp Hill

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