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Best Weather Conditions for Interior Painting

You might have thought only exterior painting was affected by the weather. It’s pretty hard to paint in a downpour! But did you know, weather also impacts interior painting?

Achieving a flawless and enduring paint finish is not only an art but also a science, and the weather can significantly influence the outcome of your masterpiece. Brisbane – known for its subtropical climate – presents unique challenges in this respect.

Fortunately, as interior painters with over 30 years’ experience transforming homes here in Brisbane – we have the expertise to ensure superior and long-lasting results, regardless of the weather conditions!

What is the Best Weather for Interior Painting?

In general, you should avoid painting in extremely hot or cold conditions, as the temperature of your house is going to impact the performance of your paint. However, professional painters like the team here at Premium Painting and Plastering have a few tricks up our sleeves for those times it may be unavoidable!

It’s important to note too, your wall temperature can vary from the weather temperature – and it should be above 10°C and below 35°C throughout the painting process.

Hot Weather

The Brisbane summer can be scorching, but our professional painters embrace the challenge! High temperatures can cause paint to dry too quickly, leading to brush marks and an uneven appearance. To counter this, we carefully time our painting sessions, opting for early morning or late afternoon when temperatures are more moderate. We’ll also use additives that slow down the drying process, allowing for better flow and leveling of the paint.

Cold Weather

Brisbane’s winter might not be as harsh as in some other regions, but cooler temperatures can still impact the painting process. Cold weather can slow down the drying time of paint, making it challenging to achieve a smooth and even finish. As professional painters, we can combat this by using specialised paints designed for lower temperatures, and employing techniques such as adjusting the application thickness. Ensuring proper ventilation helps accelerate the drying process and minimises the risk of moisture-related issues.

Rainy Weather

Contrary to popular belief, the rain doesn’t necessarily halt interior painting projects. (Cue the collective sigh of relief!) The higher humidity does present some challenges, such as paint taking longer to dry which may mean it starts to run or sage. We use fans to help reduce humidity, as well as only high-quality paints that resist moisture, preventing those dreaded streaks and blotches.

The Interior Painting Professionals!

In the ever-changing and often unpredictable Brisbane climate, a professional painter combines skill, knowledge, and the right materials to deliver workmanship that will stand the test of time.

At Premium Painting and Plastering, we use only the highest quality paints and primers formulated for diverse conditions, to ensure superior and long-lasting results – no matter what the weather. Utilising our three decades’ experience and passion for bringing our clients’ unique vision to life, we are proud to deliver the home transformation of your dreams, every time!

So, when it comes to your next interior painting project, trust our professionals to turn any weather challenge into an opportunity for artistic excellence! Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


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