Our life’s journey has a way of taking unpredictable, often strange, turns. This episode is one of the strangest we’ve ever encountered. A global pandemic no less!  After the initial discovery phase came the “getting used to our new normal” phase. For our Painter Plasterer Brisbane business, Premium Painting and Plastering, our new normal relates to compliance with social distancing requirements and lots and lots of hand washing.

Specialising in small plastering jobs and painting of any size, Painter Plasterer Brisbane, Premium Painting and Plastering, is a one stop shop for all your painting and plastering needs.  This means less exposure for you and your family. 

Updated COVID-19 restrictions allow for up to 5 visitors to the house whilst still allowing for construction works to occur.  Construction worksites allow as many workers as required provided the current physical distancing requirements are observed.  The number of workers required will be discussed with you when we are quoting your job.

As soon as household visitors exceeds the current allowance, work ceases and workers are required to leave the site.  To help ensure your job proceeds as quickly as possible, please keep us informed of your intentions regarding visitors.  We will work in with you to allow your living arrangements to continue as “normal”.

This luxury home is complimented by the colour palette and quality of the repainting work by Painters Brisbane Premium Painting and Plastering Painter Plasterer Brisbane

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To stimulate ideas on how to use colour to help improve your mood, we have selected some interesting articles. 

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Dulux provide colour scheme selection tools: Discover Dulux Colour and Paint Colour Visualizer.