Have you realised that your current living arrangements are outdated and worse than that, causing you to feel like it’s time to move? The sheer weight of time and expense invested in finding another property, packing up, arranging storage or removalists, moving house and then reversing the process to move into your new property can be overwhelming and potentially unnecessary.

If you enjoy your current location but feel you need to change things up a little, could it be time to investigate home improvement ideas for living rooms?

A simple and stylish way to improve your home value and aesthetics is to refresh your wall colour and reapply ceiling paint. Home improvement ideas for living rooms has this premise at its core.

The owners of this Mt Gravatt home engaged Premium Painting and Plastering to help them improve their open plan kitchen, living room and stairwell aesthetics.

Choosing the right paint finish plays a significant role in the overall aesthetic. In this project, our Client selected a low sheen wall colour.

Low sheen finishes help diffuse light and soften surfaces to complement furnishings and create a warm aesthetic for interior rooms.

The result, as you can see, is stunning. The soft light play on the staircase walls highlights the warmth of the timber stair treads and is pleasing and inviting. The neutral living room and kitchen wall colour palette creates a subtle foil for the white kitchen cabinetry and furnishing to shine.

Our Owners saved themselves enormous expense and time by choosing to fulfill their home improvement ideas for living rooms.

Is your home still functional for your family dynamic? Is your home worth the investment in home improvement ideas?

Premium Painting and Plastering can help you achieve your desired look.

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